Project plan

The research project MANUNET Weldable is divided into nine work packages and four milestones.

Work packages

  • WP1: Definition of the process characteristics
  • WP2: Concept and design of the adaptive welding unit
  • WP3: Concept and implementation of the tomographical measurement system
  • WP4: Data and image processing
  • WP5: System integration
  • WP6: Process modeling
  • WP7: Implementation of the process control unit
  • WP8: Validation of the adaptive process control
  • WP9: Project management

Milestones within the project

  • Milestone 1: Completion of measurement device and proof of performance parameters
  • Milestone 2: Completion of a prototype of the measurement system and image processing unit
  • Milestone 3: Completion of fluid dynamic process model
  • Milestone 4: Completion of the control unit with integrated tomographical measurement system