Rovi-Tech S.A

The Rovi-Tech S.A., Presles, Belgium, is a Walloon company specialized in the field of machine inspection and vision systems, data processing and industrial conception. The company has more than 15 years of experience in detection of defects and conformity of products in several sectors like food, automotive, medical, cosmetics and pharmaceutics. Especially its competence and experience in neural vision leads the company to an innovative technology leader on its working fields.

In the proposed project, Rovi-Tech’s competencies in data processing and analysis will be a fundamental factor for the interpretation of the acquired tomographic images of the welding process as well as for the supply of qualified data to the control unit. The company will work closely with the blz, IPT and Amtron in the definition of the correlation between tomographic data and measurement and the produced weld seam quality and functionality.


Michel Hauzeur
Route de Fosses 50
B-6250 Presles
Phone +32 71 243880
Fax +32 71 394787