It4ip S.A.

The Walloon company it4ip S.A., Seneffe, Belgium, is a private company based on patented technologies licensed from the University of Louvain (UCL) in Belgium and is underpinned by a group of founders from this university and from the industry with academic, finance, industrial and business competence. The company has more than 20 years of experience in track etching technologies like process scaling-up, industrial manufacturing and R&D project management. It4ip designs, manufactures and supplies unique porous templates or membranes and related R&D services based on ion track technology of polymers. The company supplies pilot, prototype and small or medium volume membranes and engineered components based on IP and know-how.

In this project It4ip will define the project demonstrator work piece in the medical field. A membrane tube for the cell cultivation will be produced as a demonstrator. The company will also work on the definitions of the solution requirements and the manufacturing of the demonstrator parts. Furthermore It4ip plans to use the tomographic measurement system to inspect produced membranes (thickness and porosity).


Etienne Ferain
Rue J. Bordet (Z.I. C - Activalis)
7180 Seneffe
Phone +32 64 371001
Fax +32 64 371021