GeonX S.A.

The Walloon company GeonX S.A., Gosselies, Belgium, develops robust and powerful software simulation packages to support the manufacturing industry. Simulation tools are an essential component for the design cycle, increasing a company's profit by significantly reducing time to market. Modeling manufacturing processes allows designers to reduce manual tuning, waste of material and to optimize the resulting manufactured part in terms of mechanical properties, residual stresses and deformations as well as to support the construction of control models.

Within the proposed project, GeonX will develop and provide a simulation tool for the laser transmission welding, which will be tested and validated in cooperation with the blz. The produced models will be the direct base for the control model and for the control unit developed by Amtron.


Dr. Laurent D’Alvise
Aéropole de Gosselies
Rue Santos Dumont 7A (Bloc C - Etage 1)
6041 Gosselies
Phone +32 71257890