Amtron GmbH

The Amtron GmbH, Wuerselen, Germany, develops and commercializes high quality diode-laser control-lers for the industry. The company's activities involve plant construction and system development for the control and regulation of diode lasers in materials machining based mainly in feedback control with pyrometers.

In this project, Amtron will lead the definition and implementation of the control unit based on the tomographic feedback information. This includes the definition of the software and electronic interfaces, the design and implementation of mechanical, electrical, optical and software systems, as well as the design of the control model and its implantation and machine integration of the final feedback control unit.


Hans-Dieter Gehlen
Neustrasse 26
52146 Würselen
Phone +49 2405 47989-22
Fax +49 2405 47989-20