Project partners

Individual contributions

In the following the involved industrial and research partners are presented:

  • LPKF Laser & Electronics AG, is the world market leader in various segments of micro-material processing with lasers. It will focus on different objectives as for example the definition and implementation of the mechanical and optical integration of the measurement module into the machine. Also the integration of the feedback control module will be covered.
  • The blz as an independent service provider will focus on the process technology.
  • Amtron develops and commercializes high quality diode-laser controllers for the industry and will provide the control unit for the welding unit based on the tomographic feedback information.
  • The Fraunhofer IPT is a research institute with focus on all aspects of production technology and will focus on the development and machine integration of the metrology system for the adaptive control of the laser transmission welding machine and on the analysis of the inline measurement data.
  • GeonX develops robust and powerful software simulation packages to support the manufacturing industry and will develop and provide a simulation tool for the laser transmission welding.
  • Rovi-Tech is specialized in the field of machine inspection and vision systems, data processing and industrial conception and will be responsible for the interpretation of the acquired tomographic images of the welding process as well as for the supply of qualified data to the control unit.
  • It4ip designs, manufactures and supplies unique porous templates or membranes and related R&D services based on ion track technology of polymers and will define the project demonstrator workpiece in the medical field.
  • Continental is amongst the leading automotive suppliers and will support the definition of the project demonstrator workpiece in the automotive field.